Keanu Reeves - 56 years old

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MovieRelease yearAge then
Knock Knock201551
John Wick201450
Man of Tai Chi201349
47 Ronin201349
Generation Um...201248
Henry's Crime201046
The Day the Earth Stood Still200844
Street Kings200844
A Scanner Darkly200642
Something's Gotta Give200339
Sweet November200137
The Gift200036
The Matrix199935
The Devil's Advocate199733
A Walk in the Clouds199531
Johnny Mnemonic199531
Little Buddha199329
Much Ado About Nothing199329
Bram Stoker's Dracula199228
Point Break199127
My Own Private Idaho199127
Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey199127
Tune in Tomorrow...199026
Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure198925
Dangerous Liaisons198824
The Night Before198824
The Prince of Pennsylvania198824
River's Edge198622
Babes in Toyland198622
Under the Influence198622
One Step Away198521